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Providing The Children The Best Start In Life!

We are constantly expanding the range of services offered, taking care of children of all ages. Our goal is to carefully educate and develop children in a fun way. We strive to turn the learning process into a bright event so that children study with pleasure.

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Success Breeds Success

Click on the links below to explore our own unique pathways which join together to ensure our little ones are on the right road to success, from the moment they start, until the moment they move on to primary school.

  • Active Learning

    We encourage all our children to learn by thinking, discussing, investigating and creating.

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  • Childcare

    We provide high quality childcare to ensure that your little ones are safe, secure and stimulated.

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  • Healthy Lunches

    If you are what you eat then all of our children are healthy food explorers.

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  • Excellent Facilities

    We offer only the best facilities for all our children and reinvest all our profits.

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Offering A Variety Of Educational & Fun Activities!

Our activities are multidimensional and are focused on giving children a wide range of skills through experiential learning. Whether it’s learning to tie a shoelace or separate triangles from squares or balance on a beam. Our skilled staff will ensure that your child’s time in our setting is maximised.


Theme of The Week

(For the weeks commencing)

  • Once Upon A Time

    22 January
    1, 2, 3 Do the Dinosaur Superheroes
  • Once Upon A Time

    29 January
    Jack and the Beanstalk Mythical Creatures
  • Once Upon A Time

    5 February
    The Baddies Characters Cause Chaos
  • Once Upon A Time

    12 February
    Kindness is Contagious Kindness is Contagious