Please note that calls to and from Eaton Mill Nursery are recorded for accuracy purposes.


Mission Statement

Eaton Mill Nursery’s goal is to create a safe environment which supports children’s growth and allows them to have a wide range of friends. We want to enable the children to grow as self-confident, well-balanced people of the world.

English is used throughout the day, in all activities. Our primary linguistic goal is to understand and speak basic English before developing further conversational skills which in turn leads us into reading and writing activities linked to the knowledge and understanding of the world. We strive to create a positive and tolerant attitude towards other languages, cultures and individuals. An important part of our work is to support and help families in the up-bringing of their children.

Our foundation values are:

  • Tolerance
  • Honesty and fairness
  • Consideration and respect for others
  • Good manners
  • Emotional support

Our Nursery aims to:

  • Provide a happy, safe, warm and stimulating environment through a holistic approach for all children to play, learn and develop freely.
  • Help children to develop responsibility for themselves and their actions and to become competent, confident, independent and co-operative individuals.
  • Encourage children to have a positive attitude and respect for both themselves and other people.
  • Promote a positive relationship with parents and carers and work in partnership with them to provide high quality play and care for their children.
  • Offer inclusive services that are accessible to all children in the community.
  • Undergo regular monitoring and evaluation of our services to ensure that the Nursery continues to meet the needs of children, parents and carers.

Our Nursery is committed to strong parent partnership and meeting parents’ needs by:

  • Listening and responding to parents’ views and concerns.
  • Keeping parents informed of our policies and procedures, including opening times, fees and charges, and programmes of activities.
  • Sharing and discussing children’s achievements, experiences, progress and friendships, along with any difficulties that may arise. We operate an open door policy on a daily basis and have other means of communication: e-mail, Home Record Book, Positive Comment Book, Complaints Book, regular newsletters and open days

Our Nursery is committed to providing:

  • Care and activities that put the needs and safety of children first.
  • A programme of activities that is interesting, educational, stimulating and fun.
  • Activities that promote each child’s social, physical, moral and intellectual development.
  • Access to a variety of facilities and equipment under safe and supervised conditions.
  • A staff team that is experienced, well trained and properly supported.
  • Services that meet the conditions of the Children’s Act and all other relevant childcare legislation, wherever they apply.
  • An environment where no child is bullied or suffers discrimination in any form.

Theme of The Week

(For the weeks commencing)

  • Exciting Explorers

    15 July
    A Scientist Like Me Growing, Growing, Growing