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Ofsted 2017

Nursery Statement In Response To Ofsted Report

On Saturday 3 February Ofsted published a report on its website based on a ‘no- notice’ inspection triggered by anonymous allegations made against the nursery. The inspector did not uphold the allegations and informed us she was grading the nursery as ‘Good’. This formed part of the feedback she gave to the staff. This was obviously disappointing as the nursery has been graded as ‘Outstanding’ since 2006.

We were unhappy about aspects of the way the inspection was conducted and complained about the inspector’s conduct.

We were subsequently contacted by Ofsted and informed that we were to be downgraded from ‘Good’ to ‘Inadequate’. We have obviously appealed against this. Much of the report’s specific points reflect an outstanding nursery and the reasons given for the judgement of ‘Inadequate’ have been challenged as factually incorrect.

Ofsted is aware of the evidence which we have submitted to challenge the judgement however, Ofsted has informed us that their policy of early publication means that they publish first and then consider the evidence later.

They have advised us that they are publishing the report and will then investigate whether there are inaccuracies in the report. They will change the report if the investigation determines that changes are warranted. We have been assured by Ofsted that the investigation will be immediate and will be concluded swiftly.

We urge you to read the report in full. In our opinion it is flawed in the way it lists positives and does not identify negatives but then reaches an overall judgement which is negative.

You will notice statements in the report such as:

The designated safeguarding officer and manager work extremely well in close partnership with other professionals involved in protecting children’s welfare. The  manager  deploys her well-qualified staff team efficiently and implements appropriate adult-to-child ratios to help ensure children’s safety. There are robust complaints procedures. The manager and staff monitor risks and prevent accidents effectively.

You will then notice that the inspector states:

Safeguarding is not effective.

Ofsted has already appointed an Ofsted inspector to investigate the complaint and we believe that the investigator will be making contact with the nursery on Monday 5 February.

Nothing will change at the nursery in the immediate future and certainly not until the investigation is completed.

As you will appreciate this has had a demoralising effect on the nursery staff and the anonymous allegations made against the nursery we regard as malicious and vexatious in nature.

We have already been contacted by the press however, at present, we have decided not to elaborate on matters and therefore this is the only statement that we will make.

Ofsted Report 2017